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I'm trying to figure out Tumblr because LJ is not meeting my American Horror Story needs.  AHS is my favorite new show this season.  I think about it (and that Rubber Man) way too often.  

Why American Horror Story is freakishly good:

  • Jessica Lange. Her character reminds me of Blanche DuBois but there's plenty of mystery to keep me interested.  Plus, the woman seriously digs hot young men and makes a mean cupcake. 

  • Dylan McDermott.  His character Ben is shirtless and or naked in just about every episode.  He also cries a lot.  He also cries while shirtless.  He also cries after he masterbates (while naked).  

  • Frances Conroy.  I've really missed her.

  • Denis O'Hare.  Him being in this is just an unexpected treat.  This is the guy who impressed me incredibly as Russell Edgington in True Blood and he is almost as wonderful here as burned Larry.  

  • Connie Britton's hair.  The hair is almost too pretty because I find myself admiring its loveliness when I need to pay attention to what's happening with the story.

  • creepy twins

  • creepy basement

  • creepy opening credits with creepy music and antique pictures of plump creepy children

But to get back to the initial subject of Tumblr.  I find the whole thing very confusing which is sad because maybe it marks the beginning of my descent into old fogieness.


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